Die Joint Private Social Club

Die Joint Private Social Club (NPC-2021/378760/08)

Die Joint Koffiehuis & Kwekery is also proud to host DIE JOINT Private Social Club.

Die Joint Private Social Club is a safe and private space, which is alcohol free and no under 21s allowed, where members of our community can exercise their constitutional right to learn to grow, grow and consume their own cannabis in private.

To learn more about becoming a member of our club, please pop into DIE JOINT, with a valid ID or drivers license, to learn more about your rights, the proposed bill and more about our private club. Please allow for 20min to allow for information sharing and small test.

  • Top Class Cultivators

    Our growers have years of experience, ensuring each plant delivers the maximum yield and potency.

  • Processing and Storage

    All flowers are individually packaged with Boveda humidity packs to ensure that the correct moisture content is maintained throughout the whole user experience.

  • Collection & Delivery

    Come pop-in to collect or we'll arrange couriers that will deliver to any specified street address.

  • Online Sharing Station

    Get exclusive access to our Online Sharing Station were you can order and arrange collection/delivery of your bud.


What is a Cannabis Social Club?

A Cannabis Social Club is an association of people enjoying their Constitutional Right to Privacy, by possessing, cultivating, and consuming Cannabis in private. A private place is described as any place to which the public does not have access. The Member’s Clubhouse is a private area, and not accessible to the public. Members consent to entering; a cannabis consumption and/or smoking environment, a cannabis cultivating environment and possibly a tobacco smoking environment.

Can you buy and sell cannabis in the social club?

NO, the 2020 bill is only a proposed bill and currently the Constitutional Court’s Judgement from 2018 still stands. Even if it is in private, you can still face up to 15 years for selling and 4 for purchasing cannabis. Full legalization of cannabis trade is yet to be constitutionalized.

Can I get bud after I sign up?

The answer is YES! It is called reimbursment and works in the following way:

A new member signs an agreement that says that a cultivating member will donate to them, a seed or seedling or an equal share in a seed or seedling when they join the club. That cultivating member also makes available a portion(s) of land, that has been identified as a private space, exclusively for the cultivation of the receiving member’s cannabis. The Cultivating member is employed by the Receiving Member. The harvest is divided according to the deed of donation and each member’s cannabis is packaged, labelled, and shipped to the social club. The Social Club receives the member’s cannabis for safe storage, further curing and to administrate the sharing of cannabis with other members, within the privacy of the club.
Members also reimburse sharing members for costs associated with the cultivation of their cannabis. The sharing station makes use of a point of sharing system to administrate the sharing between members. Every time that you share in another member’s harvest, or when another member shares in your harvest, the pro-rata costs will be reimbursed to the club, and same shall be set off against the invoice of the cultivating member. You will receive an equal share of the harvest from the donated seed or seedling, as described in your deed of donation.

Can I do the membership application online or must I physically go to the club?

Steps 1 and 2 of the application process can be done via this website (see 'What do I need to do to become a club member?' question).

Please follow up directly with the club that you have applied to, should you have any queries regarding the status of your application.

To confirm your membership, you will physically need to go to the club to capture your personal details (signature, copy of your ID and selfie photo) and pay your membership fees.

You will then receive your unique GOA membership number!

What do I need to do to become a club member?

You have to be 18 years old minimum to join any of the GOA associated clubs (some clubs are only open to those over 21 years of age).

Check List

  1. Watch the New Members Application Video
  2. Complete the New Members Application Form
  3. If you have done you application online and not at the club itself - please contact the Club Compliance Officer to confirm if they have approved or denied your application
  4. If approved, you will need to go to the club and submit your personal details - a signature, copy of your ID document and selfie photo
  5. Pay your membership fees to confirm your membership and receive your GOA membership number
  6. Complete a Needs Assessment Form, so that the club knows what cannabis products you require (we don’t share this info with anyone outside of the GOA group but it is necessary for our cultivating members, so they know how much to grow!)

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