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Soft Rock (Mircronized) Phosphate 250ml

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Natural Origins

Over the years sedimentation from cold mineral rich fish waters along the West Coast of the Cape has formed valuable deposits which became further enriched by fossil marine and terrestrial animals who contributed threefold to that unique now shallowly covered phosphate occurrence as it is mined today. Altogether 300 different species of prehistoric animals and a number of plants have been identified so far.

Langfos contains:

The total phosphorus content amounts to 8-10% P – expressed as tri-calcium phosphate – 63% of the product is in this form. By repeated extraction all of it is soluble in 2% citric acid. As an indication of the immediately available fraction, the first extraction dissolves 5% P.

Langfos contains 20% of calcium. Because of the linkage of phosphorus with calcium, its neutralising effect increases by the amount of phosphorus that becomes available and is taken up. The remainder of calcium is in the form of carbonates and silicates.

With the exception of cobalt (Co) which is more important to animals, Langfos provides essential iron (Fe), sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg), molybdenum (Mo) and zinc (Zn). All of them contribute in supplementing soil reserves where Langfos is a regular part of the fertilisation programme.


As Langfos is not water soluble, it’s a slow release product which releases the phosphate to the plants over many years assisting the farmer to build up healthy lands. It enriches the soil with trace elements and stimulates root growth and helps with photosynthesis in all plants.