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Powder Feeding BioGrow

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BioFeed Products

Bio Feed products are a 100% biological blend of natural-minerals and organic nutrients, which provide all essential macro- and micronutrients and promote the microbial life in the soil, helping to establish a healthy soil-food-web.

BioGrow (N-P-K: 7-2-4)

  • BioGrow is an “all-in-one “blend of carefully selected natural materials, formulated specifically for the vegetative growth stage of fast-growing plants.


Organic-Mineral fertiliser

NPK (Ca - Mg) 7 - 2 - 4 (5,7 - 2,4)

20% [C] Organic Carbon 
7% [N] total Nitrogen
7% [N] Organic Nitrogen
2% [P2O5] Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate
4% [KO2] Potassium oxide soluble in water
8% [CaO] Calcium oxide
4% [MgO] Magnesium oxide
9% [SO3] Sulfur trioxide
34% Organic matter from bone meal, malt germ, horn meal, feather meal, vinasses, rapeseed cake meal


All essential nutrients are provided by the natural-minerals  
and organic raw materials. 

After BioGrow application Mycelium (fluffy looking fungi)can appear on top of the substrate. It improves microbial life inside the substrate and is harmless.
Fungi is the main agent for the decomposition of organic matter such as simple sugars, amino acids,
It solubilises minerals that are not initially available to plants.